Ganesh E

Bhuvaneswari N


With full enthusiasm and keenness, our team of the students of IB 2 nd years, has been working unified day and night to put this event
up, which will always stay embedded deep down their heart. Their perseverance and hard work to spread the message and glorify the theme, made this event possible.


Our core team consisted of the energetic trio  Sidharth , LR Rithu and Shristi Sarawgi. Sidharth’s knack of getting work done efficiently, Shristi’s dynamism and Rithu’s creativity enabled them to oversee the planning and the proceedings of the entire event. It can be said that without them, TEDx Youth CIRS 2019 would have been a mere dream, never materializing into the success.


Listening, filtering and inviting. Our speaker hunters had the arduous task of identifying the right speakers
for our theme and at the same time, ensured that there was no dearth in substance. This resourceful
and enthusiastic team consisted of Raghav Poddar, Hemangi Gupta, Bhavya Agarwal and Kirthi Varsha.


The designers played a vital role; they were in charge of the stage decoration and decided the setting of the entire venue. The invitations and certificates of the event are products of their creativity and skill as well. The team consisted of Raag Ganapathy, Jyoshitha Manivannan, Shruti Iyer and Sakthi Senthilkumar.


The trailer, website and photoshoot. All this couldn’t have been possible without the undying efforts of the tech team. From displaying their creativity to getting work done just at their fingertips, the tech team played a vital role in making this event possible. This talented team consisted of Shravan Gajera, Sadhvika Ramji, Ojas Krishnan, Aaryan Mishra and Maanit Chovatiya.


No event takes place without expenses being tied to it. This dynamic team had the complex duty of managing all the accounts and guaranteeing the hospitality of the speakers. They notified the masses about the happening of this event and also made efforts in procuring the correct sponsors. It was the dynamic trio consisting of Rathan Rishi, Sadhana Shivani and Nandana SK who carried out these wearisome operations.

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This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED